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Parenting from Your Soul will help you find answers to these questions and many others. This book shows parents how to apply spiritual principles such as unconditional love, honesty, forgiveness and accepting the path of another to the issues that they face in raising children. Applying these principles and practicing the reflective exercises will help parents raise secure, emotionally healthy children and create more happiness for themselves along their parenting journey, no matter the ages of their children.  Parenting can be an amazing, glorious experience however, it does have difficult moments and tough choices. Parenting from Your Soul offers a practical roadmap to help parents navigate this journey with compassion and wisdom. 

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Have you ever wondered...
How do I fulfill all the responsibilities in my life and still remain present as a parent?
How can I know if I am making the best decisions for my children?
What is the best way to reach my “highest self” as a parent?
How can I maintain a close & connected relationship with my children as they grow?
Can I learn to accept my own imperfections as a parent?
Is it possible to truly accept my children as they move through different phases & situations in their lives, even if I don’t agree with their choices or actions?
What parenting approach is best in difficult situations?