Parenting from Your Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Raising Children with Compassion and Wisdom

By Jeanmarie Wilson

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Our world is in desperate need of emotionally healthy children who will have the confidence and resolve to contribute their talents to the world, making it a better place and leading their children down a better path. It is essential that we improve the way we are raising our children, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t. Parenting From Your Soul offers you the opportunity to view parenting choices from a spiritually based perspective in order to create joyful, well-balanced children as well as happy, confident parents.

The principles discussed are based in spiritual ideology, challenging you to examine the role of parent from an unconventional perspective. There is nothing more important than the way we foster our children’s development. The repercussions of conscious choices can help us:

  • Honor our children’s individual path while practicing radical acceptance of who they are
  • Appreciate the many phases of our children’s growth
  • Open our hearts to give and receive a deeper level of love
  • Practice forgiveness for our children, others, and ourselves
  • Encourage our children to live authentic lives filled with awareness and purpose 
  • Learn universal laws to create the life we want for ourselves
  • Create a relationship with our children based on acceptance, respect, honesty, and compassion


Parenting From Your Soul will help you guide your children to a life of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment while assisting you to make positive, dramatic changes in your own life. You will gain information about transforming your relationship with your children, no matter their age. Applying this information to your life can open up a new way to approach your role as a parent as well as change the way you approach issues in your own life to one that connects with your heart and soul.  

The greatest gift we can give this planet is to create children who are able to live their lives with joy, purpose, and intention.   

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